Platform 2015

Platform is a new non-profit organization with the important mission to increase the interest and participation of underrepresented groups in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on African-Americans, Latinos and women. In 2015 the theme of the Summit was “Give, Get, Connect,” inspired by Platform’s goal of building better professional networks among the pool of remarkable minority entrepreneurs and innovators who are working in the world of technology and startups.

Pedro and the Pentagram team built on the previous year's graphic program by increasing Platform's web presence, adding new printed collateral, and developing a new wayfinding system for the event and creating a new stage visualization system.


Project Credits
Eddie Opara
Ken Deegan
Pedro Mendes
Jack Collins



Stage Visualization Developers
Kiattiyot Panichprecha
Keerati Niwestongrerk
Panut Wibulpolprasert

Photography Credits


The signage was composed by vertical totems with a mirror base that create the floating light weight effect. The wayfinding totems had an infinity mirror top panel used to create an exciting and intriguing visual illusion and at the same time a connection between the signage and the collateral elements.


The collateral family is mostly black and white with the exception of special accents of color and intriguing material applications, such as the oil foil used on the brochure cover and badge.


Continuing the legacy of the previous year, a unique screens visualization system was created.