Platform 2014

Platform is a new non-profit organization with the important mission to increase the interest and participation of underrepresented groups in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship, with a particular focus on African-Americans, Latinos and women. In 2014 the Platform Summit was held on the grounds of Morehouse College, the famous black men's liberal arts college in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Pedro and the Pentagram team built on the previous year's graphic program by increasing Platform's web presence, adding new printed collateral, and developing a new wayfinding system for the event. An additional element of this year's summit was an innovative design for responsive visualizations on the stage of Morehouse's Ray Charles Performing Arts Center.



Project Credits
Eddie Opara
Ken Deegan
Pedro Mendes

SEGD Best of the Show
SEGD Honor Award

Communication Arts



Stage Visualization Developers
Kiattiyot Panichprecha
Keerati Niwestongrerk
Panut Wibulpolprasert

Photography Credits

Inflatable signage and wayfinding system designed for the conference.

While the signage is on,y black and white the collateral pieces embody a wide range of color applications and premium finishes.

Custom live screen visualization and stage design created for the conference.