Grace Farms

Located on 80 open acres of lush, rolling meadows, woods and wetlands, Grace Farms provides a place for people to experience nature, foster community, pursue social justice, and explore the connections between art and faith, immersed in a beautiful landscape. Grace Farms centers on “the River,” an extraordinary ribbon-like building of glass, wood and steel designed by the Pritzker Prize-winning Japanese architects SANAA that undulates across the grounds in a series of twists and turns that echo the curves of a river. The building encompasses facilities for the arts, worship, sports, performances and education, including a 700-seat auditorium, library, café and gym.

Pedro and the Pentagram team designed the branding identity for the Grace Farms Foundation and a full signage system for the Grace Farms building and grounds, as well as a series of merchandising products and website for the institutuin.


Project Credits
Eddie Opara
Ken Deegan
Pedro Mendes
Ben Leonard

SEGD Finalist


Grace Farms Foundation
Paratus Group


Photography Credits


Wordmark and logomark and icon set designed for the Grace Farms identity system.


Exterior wayfinding and didactic signage blending with the architecture space and landscape. The signs have a its core structure composed by tubular chrome legs and returns that reflect the surrounding elements, allowing the signage to disappearing in the space.


The stationery and merchandising pieces use a variety of premium materials and finishes in combination with the branding elements.